Budget discussions for 2024 deferred following Thodé’s passing

December 18, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – The scheduled meetings to deliberate on the 2024 budget have been postponed until early January, citing the recent demise of former parliamentarian Amerigo Thodé, which has left inadequate time to convene the discussions this year. 

In accordance with parliamentary statutes, any alterations are prohibited until after the funeral in the event of a parliamentarian’s death. Additionally, the parliamentary recess commences on December 23, extending officially until January 5, with the provision that politicians may be called upon in the event of emergencies. 

Nevertheless, a decision has been reached to conduct a composed review of the budget, which has been under considerable scrutiny, in the upcoming year. Ongoing negotiations with the Netherlands regarding financial agreements, conspicuously absent from the preliminary budget, were still in progress. Earlier, Finance Minister Javier Silvania had sought an extension of the budget submission deadline, met with an unfavorable response. Despite this, the minister adhered to the initial deadline. 

Currently, it seems the Parliament aims to meticulously address Curaçao’s financial standing for 2024 at a more measured pace. However, uncertainties linger as queries from parliamentarians regarding the preliminary budget remain unanswered. The prospect of achieving clarity by year-end remains uncertain, potentially leading to the commencement of 2024 with the continuation of this year’s budget. 

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