Brug wishes our seniors a happy International Day of Older Persons

October 2, 2023  -PHILIPSBURG—Unified Resilient Sint Maarten Movement (URSM) candidate Richinel Brug wishes all senior citizens a happy International Day of Older Persons and vouches to amend the tax law for seniors.

“As we celebrate the International Day of Older Persons, let us remember to honor and respect our elders not just on this special day but every day. By doing so, we create a society that values the experiences and wisdom of its older generation while fostering intergenerational harmony for generations to come.”

“It is crucial to acknowledge, appreciate and respect the wisdom, experiences, and contributions our senior citizens have made throughout their lives on Sint Maarten. The wisdom and knowledge that older persons possess are invaluable resources that can guide us towards a better Sint Maarten for generations to come. Our elders have played an invaluable role in shaping the island’s society. From preserving cultural heritage, to volunteering their time, sharing wisdom, contributing to the economy, and providing emotional support.”

“Our elders bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that is essential for the growth and development of our younger generation. It is vital that we recognize and honor their contributions as they continue to inspire us with their resilience, wisdom, and unwavering dedication to making Sint Maarten a better place for all.”

“Demonstrating respect for older persons is not only a moral duty but also a way of appreciating their contributions, safeguarding their well-being, and preserving our cultural heritage. It is our responsibility to ensure our elders’ well-being and happiness. Simple acts such as listening attentively or offering a helping hand can enhance the sense of self-worth and improve the quality of life of our seniors.

“As a person vying for legislation office, I firmly believe that it is high time we treat our seniors with the respect and honor they deserve for the years of contribution to our Sint Maarten society. It is for this reason that I am a proponent of tax exemption for seniors on their income collected once our seniors reach pension age. Unlike other candidates who for years have made empty promises, once elected, I promise to dedicate my first-year salary as a Member of Parliament, towards amending the tax legislation to ensure this promise becomes reality.”

“As a man raised by parents who instilled principles and values in me: a promise made is a promise kept. One clear example of a promise kept is the draft National decree regulating a Subsidized School Meal Program for our students, I presented to the Government of Sint Maarten on Friday August 25th, 2023, before even being elected. A draft National decree I paid for out of pocket on a simple Inspector salary. Imagine how many legislations the Members of Parliament could have amended on their NAF 18.000 plus salary.”

“Happy International Day of Older Person to our seniors.”

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