Brother of dancehall artist Jahshii shot and killed

September 24, 2023  -The brother of dancehall artist Mluleki Clarke, popularly known as Jahshii, was shot and killed by gunmen in the community of Grants Pen, Kingston, on September 23.

According to a police report, 29-year-old David Clarke, the brother of the entertainer, and another man were at a yard in Grants Pen when a group of armed men approached and opened fire. Clarke was shot and killed, while the other man was injured.

The incident occurred around 2 AM on Saturday morning.

Jahshii’s dark cloud

The rising dancehall star has been the subject of much controversy since June this year when his name was brought up in an investigation regarding the death of 45-year-old businessman Omar ‘Romie’ Wright, who was killed in Kingston.

Rumors swirled on social media that Wright and Jahshii’s mother were involved in an altercation prior to him being killed on June 7 — an altercation that the entertainer’s mother Lorna Henry later denied ever happening.

Jahshii surrendered himself to the police in the company of his attorneys, King’s Counsel Peter Champagnie and Richard Lynch. He was questioned by the police and released shortly after.

The following month, in July, a motor vehicle belonging to the artiste was attacked by armed men.

The artist and his entourage were traveling along Constant Spring Road in Kingston after leaving an event when the vehicle was strayed with gunshots. Six men, all members of the entertainer’s entourage, were shot and injured. The entertainer reportedly left the event in another car and escaped injury.

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