Border Aruba-Venezuela to open on May 1

April 24, 2024  –ORANJESTAD – The border between Aruba and Venezuela will reopen on May 1st, announced Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes yesterday. However, it only concerns the maritime border. 

Aruba has received all necessary documents, and the conditions to open the border are known. The prime minister says that the conditions are very strict. By opening the maritime border, boats with cargo can sail from Venezuela to Aruba again. The local authorities have all the information and will verify it before the vessels depart from Venezuela. 

The authorities in Aruba know who is coming, which boat is coming, and what cargo is on board. The crew of the boats will stay in Barcadera upon arrival. They are not allowed to leave the port of Barcadera. They may stay for a maximum of two days and then return to Venezuela. 

In the past, crew members were allowed to leave the port and sell their products. This is no longer allowed. The crew will be under the responsibility of the port worker who receives the cargo during their stay in the port. 

“I hope that the decision to reopen the border will help Aruba’s economy and provide relief to the population,” says Wever-Croes. Meanwhile, the government is working to reopen the air border as well, but for now, that border remains closed. 

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