Bonaire has a voice at the United Nations

The Bonaire Human Rights Organization (BHRO) represented by Davika Bissessar and James Finies of Foundation We Want Bonaire Back, concluded a productive visit to the United Nations Head Quarters New York attending meetings in which the Committee granted BHRO the historical Special Consultative Status of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

The visit reinforced the three objectives of the BHRO:

  1. strong Voice of Civil Society of Bonaire
  2. the Trajectory of the people of Bonaire to relist Bonaire on The Non-self-governing Territories list of the United Nations, and
  3. a submission of an objectional joint complaint by and BHRO and Movement For Change (MFC) to Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations.

There has been a longstanding relationship between civil society and the United Nations which is one of the pillars of this great institution which was created in 1945 after WWII where 18 million people died, with the promise to mankind that no people or nation big or small should be subordinated to another, but shall all be free and equal. This sentiment was reiterated by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands under German occupation with many actions among which her famous words to the people of the Antillean islands” …. will participate, with complete self-reliance and freedom…. in that regained freedom they will be able to build a new and better future”.

BHRO and MFC shared commitments to hold the Netherlands accountable for the unjustifiable human rights violations on Bonaire, to promote its mutual commitment of protecting basic human rights, and to work collectively to bring regional awareness on Bonaire’s social, economic, political inequality, and including cultural justice.

Being on the UN list of Non-Self-Governing Territories according to article 73 will give Bonaire social, educational, cultural, and political advancement as The Netherlands will have the obligation to report annually to the Secretary General of the United Nations. During BHRO’s UN visit, they met with various UN Ambassadors presenting the Assessment of self-governance sufficiency in conformity with internationally- recognized standards.

BHRO reiterates their commitment as they continue on the over 430-days awareness mission, and BHRO will, together with MFC, continue to strengthen their partnership and defend their shared democratic values, while creating a more prosperous future for the Bonairean people.

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