‘Bob Marley: One Love’ biopic lead actor gets Ziggy Marley’s stamp of approval

December 5, 2023  -Kingsley Ben-Adir, who portrays reggae icon Bob Marley in the upcoming ‘Bob Marley: One Love’ biopic has gotten the stamp of approval from the legend’s oldest son, Ziggy Marley.

In a new promotional video for the movie released by Paramount Pictures, Ziggy shared his thoughts on the performance of the actor who will play his father on the big screen.

The eldest Marley son said during the audition process, Kingsley was the one who kept his attention and gave an authentic portrayal of Bob Marley, without trying to mimic him.

“Kingsley do a great job in an artful way … Not trying to mimic my father, but being true to who Bob was, how he speaks, acts, and how he sees the world,” he said.

Ziggy Marley also gave props to the 37-year-old British actor for humanizing his father, who is considered one of the greatest musicians of all time.

“I think Kingsley brings that human element, and not just [showcasing] Bob the legend or Bob the artist, but the human side, the emotional side,” Ziggy said.

First time on the big screen

This biopic will mark the first time that Bob Marley’s life and musical journey will be showcased on the big screen.

The film is produced in partnership with the Marley family and also stars Lashana Lynch as Marley’s wife Rita.

The film will also feature Jesse Cilio as Norval Marley, Sundra Oakley as Diane Jobson, and James Norton as Chris Blackwell. Additional cast members, including Tosin Cole, Michael Gandolfini, Nadine Marshall, and Anthony Welsh, will appear in roles that remain undisclosed for now.

The movie will be released in theatres on February 14, 2024.

It is anticipated to be available on the Paramount Plus streaming service, aligning with Paramount Pictures’ ownership of the platform. For those already subscribed to Paramount Plus, the Bob Marley biopic will be accessible upon its release.

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