Biden losing Arab-American voters in swing state

November 6, 2023  –President Joe Biden’s response to the Israel-Hamas war has sparked anger in a state that helped deliver him victory in 2020. Will there be a political cost?

Nadia Ayoub is desperately scrolling through social media, looking for 18-year-old Mohamed Raed Abu Hussain among images coming out of Gaza.

“I zoom into these horrible graphic pictures – I look to see is he in the background, is he somewhere? Are they searching for him? I’m just trying to find any clue that leads to him,” she says.

Mohamed is instantly recognisable – he wears large black glasses and is missing a leg.

In 2018, he spent five months with Nadia and her husband Mike, in Dearborn, Michigan, to receive medical treatment. A local facility gave him a prosthetic leg.

“He’s the cutest sweetest little kid,” Mike says. “I will always love him like a son.”

They kept in touch after he returned home to Gaza, and last week the Ayoubs – who are Lebanese Muslims – received a WhatsApp message in which he said he was heading to Jabalia refugee camp in the north of the territory.

“Don’t worry about me,” he wrote. And since then, nothing.

On a crisp autumn day, the couple joined dozens of people at an outdoor food truck market to fundraise for civilians in Gaza.

They are angry with President Joe Biden over his strong support for Israel’s actions in Gaza in the aftermath of the attacks by Hamas on 7 October.

This has been made worse for them by the US vetoing a UN call for a ceasefire.


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