Bermuda responds to series of bomb threats

May 22, 2024   -Governor Rena Lalgie’s office is actively collaborating with stakeholders in Bermuda and the United Kingdom to address a surge of bomb threats targeting the British Overseas Territory (BOT).

In recent weeks, several British Overseas Territories, including Bermuda, have experienced a series of hoax bomb threats.

These threats have prompted heightened security measures and responses across the territories.

Governor’s response and actions

Governor Rena Lalgie emphasized that internal security, including aviation security, falls under her Constitutional responsibilities.

Her office is working closely with Bermudian authorities and institutions to review and enhance their response protocols.

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Lessons learned from these incidents are being swiftly applied to improve security measures.

UK Support and Expertise

The Governor highlighted that UK experts in law enforcement and airport security are assisting Bermuda.

These experts are helping to upskill local officials on bomb threat assessment processes, ensuring that the security standards for Bermuda’s critical national infrastructure are not only maintained but also improved.

International collaboration

A concerted effort is underway involving law enforcement agencies from Bermuda, other overseas territories, the UK, and the USA to trace and stop the source of these hoaxes.

The Governor reassured residents and visitors of Bermuda that their safety and security remain the highest priority.

Incident at LF Wade International Airport

Earlier this month, a bomb threat disrupted operations at LF Wade International Airport. On May 5, airport staff received a bomb threat via email, triggering emergency landing protocols.

The Bermuda Police Service and Skyport conducted a thorough sweep of the terminal building, and passengers from a British Airways flight were bused back to the terminal for assistance with transportation and accommodations.

Regional impact

The impact of these threats has been felt beyond Bermuda. Media reports indicate that bomb threats were also received at the JAGS McCartney and Howard Hamilton International airports in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Similar threats targeted Tortola and Anguilla on May 5 and 6.

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