Beenie Man is an absentee father, says Carlene and D’Angel

September 21, 2023  -Jamaican entertainers D’Angel and Dancehall Queen Carlene Smith have voiced concerns about Beenie Man’s alleged role as an absentee father.

The acclaimed King of the Dancehall has been on the defensive over these claims in recent times, with attempts to showcase family unity through photo shoots and reconciliations.

High expectations for celebrity fathers

While speaking on D’Angel’s “Live at 5” show, Smith expressed her views on the heightened responsibility of celebrity fathers.

Emphasizing the importance of dual parenting, Smith pointed out the emotional toll on children who feel estranged from public figure parents. Smith and Beenie Man’s love saga, which began in the 90s, is a renowned tale in the dancehall universe.

Despite their split during their daughter Crystal’s early years, Smith credits Beenie Man with being an active parent initially

Smith’s role in family dynamics

Often considered a central figure in unifying Beenie Man’s children, Smith has been recognized as a maternal figure by multiple kids, including Desha-Gaye.

She has even been involved in the care of D’Angel’s son, Marco Dean, when he was younger.

Drawing from her closeness with some of the children, Smith elaborated on the impact of the alleged parental distance.

Supportive sisterhood amidst controversies

D’Angel and Smith have formed a supportive bond, particularly in their shared experiences as single mothers.

Dispelling past rumors that might have created rifts between them, both emphasize the children’s well-being above all.

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