Barbados’ minister calls for investigation after video shows child collecting bus fare

December 18, 2023  -Barbados’ Transport, Works, and Water Resources Minister, Santia Bradshaw, has issued a call for a thorough investigation following the circulation of a video on social media, depicting a four-year-old child collecting bus fare on a public service vehicle.

Questioning the authenticity

Minister Bradshaw, also holding the position of Deputy Prime Minister, expressed her initial disbelief.

“My initial reaction is that this can only be fake news as such behavior is neither appropriate for a child nor indeed is it the Barbados way,” she said.

In her capacity as the minister responsible for overseeing public service vehicle licensing in the country, Bradshaw firmly asserted that such acts will not be tolerated under her watch.

She has initiated a directive for the Director of Transport Authority to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the matter, hoping to receive a report by midday.

Acknowledging accountability and citizenship

In a gesture of accountability, the minister declared that should the video’s authenticity be confirmed, she would be the first to publicly commend and acknowledge the individual who recorded and shared it.

She underscored the significance of such actions in fostering positive change within the Republic of Barbados, saying, “This is what citizenship of the Republic of Barbados is all about.”

She noted that this is what is needed for positive change to come about, adding that people should call out those who introduce and perpetrate behaviors foreign to to the nation’s culture and upbringing.

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