Bahamas Opposition leader endorses term limits for Prime Minister

June 21, 2024  -Michael Pintard, leader of the main opposition Free National Movement (FNM), has expressed his support for the establishment of term limits for the office of Prime Minister.

This statement was made during a local radio talk show on Wednesday, highlighting the need for change in the political structure of the Bahamas.

Discussion on fixed election dates

Pintard emphasized that the FNM’s internal caucus must deliberate on the implementation of fixed election dates.

He believes that such predictability is crucial for the electoral system, though he supports allowing flexibility to accommodate unforeseen circumstances.

Leadership debates

Looking ahead to the next general election, Pintard confirmed his willingness to participate in leadership debates.

This stance contrasts with the previous election cycle, where the current Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis was prepared to debate then-Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, who declined the challenge.

Past election debate initiatives

Before the last general election, the University of The Bahamas and Verizon Media Group collaborated to host a series of pre-election debates. Notably, all major parties participated, except for the Free National Movement.

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