Baby girl ‘doing well’ after being born on motorway near Delft

April 17, 2023  -A baby girl has been born on the hard shoulder of the A13 motorway near Delft after her parents were caught short on the way to hospital. The family were travelling in convoy with their obstetrician on Sunday afternoon when they realised the birth was imminent. Both cars pulled over, an ambulance was called and the baby was born shortly after the crew arrived. Mother and baby were taken to hospital to be checked over, but were reported to be in good health.
It is the second time in five years a baby has arrived on the A13. In February 2018 Abora Inal gave birth to a daughter, Eliz, near the Overschie junction in Rotterdam. The highways agency Rijkswaterstaat gave the family a replica of the kilometre marker at the spot as a souvenir.


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