AZ hooligans storm main stand after defeat, no arrests so far

May 19, 2023  –A group of AZ supporters stormed the main stand at the club’s stadium in Alkmaar after the club lost its bid to reach the final of the Conference League on Thursday evening.

West Ham and AZ players and club officials tried to stop the supporters from getting to the stand, where friends and family of West Ham were sitting, after AZ  lost the game 1-0 in the dying minutes.

On video, black-jacketed AZ supporters can be seen trying to push through the fencing despite the efforts of officials to keep them back.

Police and stewards were quickly in place to restore order and the disruption lasted for no longer than 10 minutes, broadcaster NOS said. There had also been some earlier incidents during the day in the centre of the city.

So far no-one has been arrested in connection with the stadium trouble, which has been widely condemned in the British media.

A police spokesman told news agency ANP that there were no officers in the stadium at the time and that responsibility for security was with the club itself. After being called in, police took action to restore order and make sure the public were safe, the spokesman said.

The police will now monitor footage of the incident to see if criminal offences were committed and the perpetrators can be identified. After that, arrests will follow, the spokesman said.

AZ director Robert Eenhorn told broadcaster ESPN that luckily no one appeared to have been hurt. “All I can do is apologise and wish West Ham the best of luck in the final,” he said.

AZ lost the first leg in London last week 2-1. Watch the highlights

West Ham will meet Fiorentina in the final.

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