Auto manufacturing plant VDL NedCar to layoff 1,850 workers

June 1, 2023  –BORN – VDL Nedcar is laying off nearly half of its workers. Because its contract with BMW is ending and it has been unable to replace it, the car factory is switching to day shift only, cutting 1,850 of its 3,950 jobs. The switch to one-shift operations will take effect on November 1, VDL Nedcar announced on Thursday. 

The layoffs affect around 1,000 employees and over 850 temporary workers. VDL Nedcar may have to cut its staff even further around March next year when its contract with BMW ends, the company warned. “However, the goal remains to gain new, substantial vehicle projects, in conjunction with the planned new operations in Born.” 

VDL Nedcar tried very hard to replace the BMW contract, director John van Soerland said. “Ultimately – due to turbulent conditions in the car market – time has proved too short to keep the entire population employed. We regret this, and to our employees who will lose their jobs, we are sorry.” 

He promised to provide clarity to the employees who will lose their jobs as soon as possible. The current social plan was concluded after it was known that BMW had terminated its contract, Van Soerland said. “The safety net is almost double the legal compensation. Furthermore, we have added to this social plan the Finish with Pride bonus of up to 7,500 euros per employee from 1 June 2023.”’ 

VDL Nedcar submitted its planned layoffs to the Works Council for advice. 

Employees of the car factory in Born went on strike several times last month due to the looming layoffs. Trade unions FNV and CNV want VDL Nedcar to double the compensation for redundant employees. So far, the unions and employer have been unable to reach an agreement on that point. 

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