Asiana Airlines: Passenger arrested for opening plane door during South Korea flight

May 26, 2023  –A man has been arrested for opening the emergency door of an Asiana Airlines flight as it was landing in South Korea.

All 194 passengers survived the flight, which landed safely at Daegu International Airport on Friday with its door open.

At least half a dozen passengers had breathing problems and were taken to hospital, local media reported.

The man, in his 30s, was arrested upon landing, said Yonhap news agency.

Flight OZ8124 had taken off from Jeju Island on Friday morning local time.

The timeline of events is unclear, but the plane’s door was opened near the end of the flight around 12:45 local time (03:45 GMT), South Korean media reported.

A passenger video shared on social media shows the gap in the plane’s side and winds buffeting rows of seated passengers.

The Asiana Airlines plane landed safely in South Korea after a passenger forced open an emergency door.

Several school age children had been on the plane on their way to a weekend sporting event, local media reported.

The parent of one of the students told Yonhap: “The children were shaking, crying, and frightened.”

Asiana Airlines said police have launched a full investigation.


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