Asha Stevens Hillside Christian School Leads the Way with Soualichi Stories

October 2, 2023 -Philipsburg, St. Maarten – Imagine a classroom where history comes to life, where lessons are woven into captivating tales, and where students eagerly embrace the art of storytelling. Asha Stevens Hillside Christian School has embarked on a journey that promises just that—a journey powered by Soualichi Stories, where the age-old magic of storytelling meets modern education techniques.

Over 30 members of the school’s staff participated in a training workshop aimed at utilising Soualichi Stories within their curriculum, thus starting an interesting chapter in enhancing education techniques using old-time storytelling.
In the wake of the Season Three launch of Soualichi Stories, Foresee Foundation and the team of Soualichi Stories have set out to make the island’s rich oral heritage an integral part of the local educational system.

The aim? To spark inspiration, cultivate imagination, and encourage meaningful dialogue among students. Season Three, funded by the Dutch Fund Culture Participation (Fonds Cultuurparticipatie) for the Memorial Year of Slavery, is already in full swing, with the team preparing to unveil 10 more spellbinding tales.

The workshop kicked off with a warm welcome from Jose Sommers, Director of Foresee Foundation. Jose shared insights into the essence and purpose of Soualichi Stories, setting the stage for an engaging day of learning. Josianne Fleming Artsen, a renowned Educator and Curriculum Specialist, and a vital member of the Soualichi Stories Team, then highlighted how seamlessly these captivating stories can be woven into the school’s curriculum. With a treasure trove of 19 stories and corresponding lesson plans from Seasons One and Two, this initiative is poised to ignite emotions, foster new perspectives, and promote interactive learning.
Central to the workshop’s mission was the revival of storytelling as an art form.

Claudette Forsythe-Labega, another member of the Soualichi Stories Team, underscored the historical significance of storytelling as a source of relaxation and entertainment, offering an escape from the daily grind. Through hands-on storytelling activities, educators were encouraged to tap into their creativity and imagination, sowing the seeds of spontaneous storytelling within their classrooms.
The session concluded with an infectious enthusiasm among teachers, demonstrat

ushering in a new generation of storytellers and writers within the school community.
Soualichi Stories have also expanded their reach beyond the classroom. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of local radio stations, the stories can now be accessed on the 4C-Foresee YouTube account. What is even more exciting, is that the team is also eager to officially launch their ebook, which will be an interactive version of the Soualichi Stories that users will have access to the stories’ respective plans, videos, games, puzzles and widgets. This will give educators, students and users the opportunity to dive deeper into the stories, and possibly create their own.

Are you ready to empower your school with the magic of Soualichi Stories? Discover how you can integrate these captivating narratives into your curriculum by reaching out to Foresee Foundation. Contact us via email at or call us at 581 5050. About Foresee Foundation: Foresee Foundation is committed to fostering cultural enrichment and educational development in St. Maarten. Through initiatives like Soualichi Stories, we aim to empower students and educators to connect with their heritage and spark creativity in the classroom.

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