Aqualectra Director Jonis suspended, reasons unknown

June 30, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – Following his resignation on June 16th, Aqualectra Director Darick Jonis has reportedly been suspended by the supervisory board (RvC) a few days later. The circumstances surrounding the suspension remain uncertain, including whether it was premeditated by the RvC or if Jonis had prior knowledge of it. 

Over the course of a week, Curaçao experienced two blackouts, leaving the island without electricity. During the initial power outage, Jonis, the Aqualectra Director, stated that he was not on the island at the time. He was reportedly abroad for a business trip and did not return in response to the situation, including during the second blackout. 

Frustrated by the island’s repeated power failures, Minister Ruisandro Cijntje of Economic Development (MEO) took a stand. Deeming the situation unacceptable, he called for a press conference the following day. Cijntje highlighted the adverse effects of the blackouts on the country’s economy and its international reputation. 

Jonis reappeared one day after the second blackout and submitted his resignation with a three-month notice period, during which he also planned to utilize vacation days. Speculation emerged on social media that Cijntje’s actions prompted Jonis’s departure. However, the minister clarified a few days later that he had been informed by the RvC about their decision to suspend the Aqualectra Director. There are reports that this suspension was due to urgent reasons. 

Expressing confusion about the timing of the suspension while Jonis was on vacation, Cijntje called for the General Shareholders’ Meeting to make the final decision regarding Jonis’s resignation. The minister has requested all relevant documents to present them during the Council of Ministers’ session. 

Currently, it remains unclear whether the suspension is directly linked to the blackouts or if other factors are at play. The situation continues to unfold, and further updates are anticipated in the coming days. 

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