André Bosman becomes a candidate for VVD leadership

July 12, 2023  –THE HAGUE – Former Member of the Dutch Parliament and well-known figure for the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom, André Bosman, has announced his candidacy for the leadership of the VVD party. He made this announcement last night on the radio program WNL Haagse Lobby. 

Bosman, who served as spokesperson for Kingdom Relations from 2010 to 2021, expressed his deep attachment to the party and its ideas. He had hoped to be included on the candidate list for the previous parliamentary elections, but internal party regulations prevented that. He currently works as the Director of Communications for the energy company Uniper Benelux. 

Earlier today, the VVD board announced their intention to appoint a successor to Rutte later this week. With at least two candidates, including Bosman, for the party leadership, a consultation with party members will be necessary. In political circles in The Hague, Bosman’s chances are not considered high. It is worth noting that he does not aspire to become the Prime Minister, as he believes the party leader should remain in the Parliament. 

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