ADC reduces services to CMC due to unresolved financial issues

July 3, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – The Analytical Diagnostic Center (ADC), which provides laboratory services, has decided to limit its services to the Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) starting today. The hospital has not been paying its bills, leaving ADC in a “financial squeeze.” 

The decision came to light through a leaked email sent by ADC director Liane Virginia-Cova to the head of CMC. Both organizations are heavily dependent on each other, with ADC largely operating based on services provided to the hospital and the resulting income. 

According to ADC, they have been providing significantly more services to CMC than what the laboratory company is being reimbursed for. Additionally, CMC has a debt of 14 million guilders with ADC. The ADC management informed in the email that the financial situation has become so critical that they are compelled to make changes to their service. 

Phlebotomy Round 

One of the changes being implemented is that starting today, only the 8:00 AM phlebotomy round will be conducted. Orders for the ADC phlebotomy station must be placed two days in advance by the internal departments of CMC. Furthermore, ADC may require advance payment in certain cases. 

In the email, Virginia-Cova emphasizes that it was never their intention to let things escalate to this point, but at this moment, the laboratory company says it has no other choice. The persistent non-payment by CMC and the lack of substantial payments have led ADC to take this step. 


The consequences of these measures for the hospital’s patients are still unclear. CMC itself is also facing financial deficits, partly due to what they claim is an insufficient healthcare budget provided by the government. 

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