Accident on L.B Scott Road Involving Hyundai I-10 and Scooter on Sunday evening

August 29, 2023  -Personnel of the traffic department of KPSM are currently investigating a serious accident that occurred on Monday evening, August 28, 2023, at approximately 21:30. The incident took place on L.B. Scott Road, on the section near the Churchill Roundabout. The accident involved a black Hyundai I-10 and a black Kymco scooter.

According to preliminary investigations, it has been determined that the driver of the Hyundai I-10 was traveling on L.B. Scott Road, heading in the direction of the Churchill Roundabout. Simultaneously, the operator of the black Kymco scooter was also proceeding in the same direction.

The driver of the Hyundai I-10 executed a sudden left turn with the intention of entering a nearby gas station. It was at this moment that the scooter rider was attempting to overtake the Hyundai I-10. Regrettably, due to the unexpected turn of events, the scooter collided with the driver’s side of the Hyundai I-10.

The impact resulted in both the scooter rider and the driver of the Hyundai sustaining injuries to their bodies. The immediate response from ambulance allowed for swift medical attention to be administered on the scene. The injured scooter rider was administrated first aid and was subsequently transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further treatment and evaluation.

The driver of the Hyundai I-10 also received medical care from ambulance personnel on-site. Their condition was assessed, and they received necessary medical attention for the injuries sustained during the accident.

The Sint Maarten Police Force emphasizes the importance of adhering to road safety regulations and exercising caution while operating vehicles on the island’s roadways. This incident serves as a reminder of the potential consequences that can arise from sudden and unexpected maneuvers. The investigation into this accident is ongoing.

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