2nd Annual “Loving Our Teachers Out Loud” Coupon Brochure Initiative

Philipsburg, October 6, 2023- MP Angelique Romou congratulates and expresses gratitude to over 1075 teachers and staff on St. Maarten as they celebrated with her
2nd annual “LOVING OUR TEACHERS OUT LOUD” Coupon Brochure, in commemoration of World Teachers’ Day 2023. This initiative was made possible through
collaboration with the A BETTA PLACE Foundation and 30 businesses on St. Maarten. As you know, World Teacher’s Day is commemorated all over the world on the 5th of October
every year. However, on St. Maarten, MP Romou, through public-private partnerships, has designated the entire month of October and other months throughout this year and
2024 as Teachers’ Appreciation Months. For the second year, MP Angelique J.G. Romou, in collaboration with A BETTA PLACE Foundation, joined together with businesses who
contributed last year, along with an addition of 7 new businesses, to love our teachers out loud and thank them for making a resounding difference in the lives of our students and
In 2022, MP Romou was able to visit all schools to personally hand-deliver the 1st annual “Loving Our Teachers Out Loud” Coupon Brochure. However, due to a family emergency,
she could not be on the island to hand-deliver the brochures this year. Nevertheless, all books were collected thanks to the kind gesture of Ms. Nina Edstrom-Sitra of the Asha Stevens Hillside School campus, who offered her assistance to MP Romou by having all schools pass by the Asha Stevens campus to collect their coupon brochures. MP Romou extended heartfelt thanks to all 30 local businesses, those who recommitted,
and the newcomers for this joint effort to show appreciation to our local teachers with discounts and free items. These businesses are:

• Obersi Group
• Domino’s Pizza
• The Sugar Mill Café
• Mark’s Place Restaurant
• Beirut Restaurant
• Lucky’s Shopping Center
• Victor’s Cosmetics
• Blue Point
• Inglot
• Overstocks
• Pineapple Pete’s
• Addicted Hair Lounge
• Georgina’s Nails
• Shop and Take
• Dollar Smart
• Beautylicious
• Divico
• Crocs
• Fire Fit Gym
• Ace Home Center
• Sale & Pepe Restaurant
• T’s Closet
• Ralph Lauren & Armani Jeans
• Sparkle Hair Lounge
• Impulse Spa Clinic
• Coffee Lounge
• Adolphus Richardson Technology
• Simpson Bay Resort, Marina & Spa

“This year has been no different than last year in terms of the difficulties teachers and staff on our island had to face. But my commitment to work on behalf of every citizen in
every way possible, with teachers standing out on this list, always prompts me to assist in every way. Hence, my contribution through this 2nd annual coupon brochure initiative.
My work and dedication to teachers have continued behind the scenes as a Member of Parliament and as a citizen because teachers are the foundation that keeps the souls of every

student yearning and eager to learn more. For this reason, I continue to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of all teachers because they are deserving of
more. I have a saying which goes like this, ‘It is because of teachers every other profession exists.’ Once again, it gives me great pleasure to partner with our local
business community to show appreciation in commemoration of World Teacher’s Day and month. To our esteemed teachers, I hope you enjoy this token of appreciation once more
on behalf of the entire community of St. Maarten that loves you. Your hard work is valued, you are treasured, and we want to love you out loud for your dedication to our future
leaders. Happy World Teachers’ Day!” MP Romou concluded.

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