20 Fire Fighters Graduate from Middle Management Course

December 20, 2023  -GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) – Disaster Coordinator and Fire Commander Clive Richardson, said on Wednesday that 20 fire fighters recently graduated from a middle management course that was given over a period of six months by the Opleidings Instituut Bonaire.

“The fire fighters successfully followed the course. It was not easy as the course was conducted in the Dutch language and this presented some challenges, and everybody still managed to pass the exam with flying colors.

“Several of the fire fighters will continue to do the Fire Captains course which will start in the first half of 2024,” Fire Chief Clive Richardson said.

The names of the firefighters who successfully passed the exam are Mr. S. Angel, Mr. M. Aventurin, Mr. E. Brooks, Mr. E. Chase, Mr. S. Connor, Mr. R. Giterson, Ms. M. Gomez, Mr. E. Hodge, Mr. J. Hodge, Mr. M. Hodge, Mr. J. Levons, Mr. G. Macnack, Mr. S. Phillips, Mr. J. Richardson, Mr. K. Richardson, Ms. S. Rey, Mr. C. Schoop, Mr. G. Sprott, Mr. B. Warner, and Mr. W. York.

In the month of November 2023, four instructors of the Fire Department, Mr. S. James, Mr. K. Richardson, Mr. E. Chase, and Mr. G. Sprott traveled to Curacao to follow a one-week course on energy transition.

The course was given by the Netherlands Institute for Public Safety. The main topics given during the course were wind turbines, solar energy, electrical vehicles, storage of Li-ion batteries and the dangers they bring.

The four instructors are busy preparing a training program based on the knowledge gained and information received for their colleagues and will also start preparing a community awareness campaign on the dangers that solar panels, Li-ion batteries and electrical vehicles bring forth in the event of a fire.

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