June 20, 2024  –WILLEMSTAD – Prime Minister Pisas announced yesterday that two companies have shown interest in a restart using JetAir’s licenses, one local and one from Brazil. He described this as good news. According to Pisas, JetAir’s licenses are valuable, and he would consider it a ‘waste’ if they were lost and a new process had to start again. JetAir was declared bankrupt last Tuesday and immediately ceased operations. 

Additionally, it was announced yesterday that Curaçao Airport Holding and the Curaçao Tourist Board will attempt to assist affected JetAir passengers. The two government agencies will explore ways to bring back individuals stranded abroad to Curaçao and facilitate the return of those stranded on Curaçao to their homes. Prime Minister Gilmar Pisas disclosed this information to the press yesterday following discussions with representatives of the affected JetAir passengers.

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