16 year-old boy arrested for apartment explosion in Schiedam

July 16, 2023  -The police arrested a 16-year-old boy from Rotterdam on Saturday morning for an explosion in an apartment in Schiedam earlier this month. The police started an investigation and posted pictures of the suspect online on Friday. Shortly after, the boy’s parents recognized him from the published images and called the police.

On July 2, at around 7 p.m., an explosive device detonated on the second floor of an apartment in the Damlaan in Schiedam. As a result, the front door was badly damaged.

One of the suspects was caught on camera. Because the police suspected it was a minor, images were released in which the suspect was unrecognizable. “To give him the opportunity to come forward,” the police said.

Because no tips were received after two days, the images were released again on Friday. This time, the suspect was recognizable. In the process, parents recognized their 16-year-old son in

There have been dozens of explosions in homes and businesses in Rotterdam and the surrounding area this year and are mostly associated with drug trafficking.

Reporting by ANP

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